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When I was in grade school, this isn’t how I pictured living in the year 2020. First of all, in my daydreams, I didn’t live on Earth. At closest, I held a residence on the moon. I had a Han Solo-by-way-of-Starfleet vision of myself. Meaning I was all about peaceful exploration with my fellow earthlings, but some situations merited a best friend with bowcaster.

Yet here we are in 2020: nary a Wookiee, starship, or moon house in sight.

Anyhow, hello! Yes, I’m still an author. No, there is no new evidence to suggest it outside of the occasional social media post and a D&D game with friends.

I’m not going to bore you with the details of why there’s no new content right now. Just know that I haven’t thrown in the towel. I’ve just got to line up some things behind the scenes so that K&Q Press (my publishing company) can return with a stronger foundation.

And then? Wow, do I have some plans!

In the meantime, my wife has challenged me to start writing short stories again — something beyond my game write-ups from Dungeons and Dragons. I’m a sucker for a good challenge, so you’ll likely start seeing some evidence of new work soon.

I’m going to try this newsletter forum out, too. At least for a bit. It’ll keep me in contact with you all if nothing else. Fair warning, though. Things could get weird as I figure out what exactly I want it to be — stream-of-consciousness stuff.

Hence my schoolboy self’s point of view at the kickoff here.

A Balanced Diet

I’m the kind of creative that needs to watch how much content I consume. I’ll go completely down the rabbit hole of well-written lore, needing to know all of the ins and outs of a world. (I’m currently fighting the urge to read every book published of The Witcher.)

I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with thoroughly engaging creative content, needing to read/watch every corner of the world therein, particularly as an artist. Consuming what we love is a large part of what feeds the imagination, I think.

My problem lies in there only being 24 hours in a day. Consuming more than you’re producing is a large part of why people in those less optimistic science-fiction tales war over the last tea tree, so I’m going to try and tip the scale a little further toward the producing side.

I don’t know why I went with a tea tree. Other than I’m also a large consumer of tea.

On the Menu

Speaking of what I’m watching/reading/listening to:

I just finished Avatar: The Last Airbender and loved it utterly. If you’re one of the tens of people who suggested it to me over the years, you were right. I did dig that world and its stories. Sorry that it took me so long, but, ya know. (See above.)

I’ve been reading The Expanse series for a couple of years now, thanks to the suggestion of my buddy Dusty. It’s probably the last time I became obsessed with a world(s) and had to track down and read every novel, novella, and short story. Tiamat’s Wrath, book eight, has me stalled for some reason, though. It’s not that I like it any less. I just haven’t hit my groove with some of these new characters yet. I prefer all Roci crew all of the time, I guess. Nearly halfway done, though.

Dusty also got me turned on to the work of Arjen Anthony Lucassen, which led me to my latest musical obsession, the band Avantasia. Particularly The Scarecrow album, which I’ve listened to on repeat since November.

Moving Forward

Alongside my wandering mindest here and the return to short stories, I also plan on updating the social media aspects of Timberhaven more frequently, to tide you over while you wait for Monsters In The Park (I know, I know.)

Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard, Timberhaven fan Joy Golding Miller and her husband won my Waking The Weaver contest, which means that they got to name a character in Monsters In The Park. So when it arrives (it’s coming, trust me!) keep an eye out for Havener Nichie Fraser!

I think this is enough of an insight into my mind for now. I hope to know my convention whereabouts soon and will share once I do.

Until then, thanks for reading and following as I fumble and bumble my way along.

Until next time,


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