Storytelling Around An Electric Campfire

With social isolation becoming the norm for a bit out of necessity, I thought I’d spend this weekend telling stories to help you pass the time. I’ll record myself reading four tales and post them on my Youtube channel. (After I, you know, set up my Youtube channel.)

I’ll be choosing which stories to revisit in this fashion from my list of flash fiction on this very site. I’ve got science-fiction, horror, urban fantasy, and general fiction to pick from, so I like my options.

Now that you’ve read my idea, two things:

I write stories. I am not a voice actor by any stretch of the imagination, so please be kind about my “performance.”

And secondly, are there any of my stories that you think I should definitely include in my picks to read aloud? Feel free to examine the collection of suitable pieces and let me know your favorite before answering. I’ll pick the most popular four and start recording.

Okay. Deep breath.

Here goes.