News, Insights, and Randomness April 2020

Well, our world has certainly taken a turn for the weird.

There. Now that I’ve mentioned it, that’s all the more we’ll discuss it here.

Stephen King has a new short story collection out, If It Bleeds, that I do not yet own. (I lost track of the drop date, distracted as I’ve been.) This bothers me, but I’ll get it soon. Don’t you worry.

I recently came off a three-week stay at home, where I lived and breathed creating art (see above), co-opted our kitchen with my wife (eating a lot, many times a day), and lazily taking in movies and video games from the comfort of my newly pillow fort-styled recliner.

I always thought I could isolate with no problem, being a “just give me a book, and I’ll be fine” type of person like I am. But I did not do very well after a few days of downtime. I felt the need to be producing and then felt sad and wasteful if I had a day get by with nothing new to show.

The Work

That being said, I did manage to make a few things. Since most, if not all, of my convention circuit has been canceled for 2020, I’ve set up a Patreon page where people who want to support my work get insider news and access to exclusive, Patrons come first projects.

My Digital Campfire Stories collection is live on K&Q Creative‘s Youtube page! These have been a blast to create. I’d love to record them live in front of the campfire, but so far, I’ve had to produce them in a campfire sit first, record story second manner.

On the Menu

I caught up on my Star Trek shows and am now eagerly awaiting seasons three and two of Discovery and Picard, respectively. While I may have a smattering of nitpicks, I adored both shows completely.

Lots and lots of video game playing. I beat Horizon Zero Dawn (love that game) and dabbled with God of War and Journey, and have now moved on to Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

The Dungeons & Dragons campaign that I run is still rocking along. For now, I’ve quit writing up each game — artistic projects < hours of the day — even though I loved looking back on our adventures. On the plus side, Ben “Dragonsbane” Ornkwrungeler (aka Dusty) has been capturing the summary of each day in his journal — to the hilarity of this DM — and maybe, if we’re lucky, he’ll let me make these writings public.

Moving Forward

Not a lot to share this month, even after I waited until nearly the end of April to do so.

Let’s all just keep safe, sane, cool, and kind.

Until next time,